Floor & Ceiling Insulation

Rockwool insulation is an excellent soundproofing and thermal insulation product and we have developed the blown system to be a cost effective solution to improve the soundproofing and thermal performance of floors & ceilings. Whether you wish to reduce the noise or reduce the heat loss from below or above, Redplug can help. Blown floor/ceiling insulation works particularly well where an integral garage ceiling can cause severe drafts and heat loss to the bedroom above.

Floors: Access by either lifting floor boards or by drilling 40mm diameter access holes. We then blow the Rockwool material which will fully fill the void between the joists.

Ceilings:   We drill 40mm diameter holes at approx. 1000mm centres per each run of joists. We then blow the Rockwool material which will fully fill the joist void. The holes can then be filled with expanding foam ready for filling and re-decoration.

These works can be a carried out on a room by room basis but it is most cost effective to include as part of a full refurbishment.

Rockwool Blown Insulation

Rockwool 4-in-1 benefits




Fire proof




Energy Saving

270mm of Rockwool insulation offers a ‘U’ value of 0.16 W/M 2K and will also offer you market leading fire ratings, excellent acoustic insulation and will last forever.

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