Acoustic / Sound

Installing ROCKWOOL blown Insulation can provide a real reduction

ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation products are amongst the most effective soundproofing solutions used in construction.

Noise reduction is becoming an increasingly important consideration in design not just for schools, offices and healthcare but also in the domestic arena with an ageing housing stock, greater urbanisation, increasing noise pollution from roads, rail and air not to mention the wider adoption of domestic electronics, TV and surround-sound systems in the home. With its dense, non-directional fibre structure, ROCKWOOL insulation effectively traps sound waves and dampens vibration to provide an enhanced soundproofing solution both between adjacent buildings and between rooms within the same property.

Installing ROCKWOOL blown Insulation can provide a real solution, allowing you to create a more comfortable environment.

Redplug’s blown Rockwool solution allows voids to be filled with minimal disruption. Our blown system will enhance sound testing results & minimize fire spread while offering market leading thermal performance.



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