Custom projects

This is where we are different!

Redplug continues to bring solutions to a range of clients who require a responsible specialist who can ‘jump through the hoops’ across a range of metrics.

For example: we have insulated ducted pipes in floor voids, voids in structural steel work & steel framing, machine room doors & frames, timber framed ceilings, structural studding, service ducts, suspended ceilings, building fabric in historic properties, underground service ducts and many more.

1. Big job, small job, complex job.

2. Multi storey, long distance, deep underground.

3. Occupied, unoccupied, secure.

4. New, not so new, historic.

Rockwool Blown Insulation

270mm of Rockwool insulation offers a ‘U’ value of 0.16 W/M 2K and will also offer you market leading fire ratings, excellent acoustic insulation and will last forever.

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